About Us

Company Beginnings

Thirty Three watches was founded by Devaughn Jones, 5 year FIBA Professional Basketball Player. The idea he had was to create a watch line that gives the look of an expensive watch but without the heavy price tag.

Devaughn's love for watches is what made him decide to start his own line of watches. The love for watches stem from visiting a watch maker while in Spain in 2016 and that was all the inspiration needed on the journey to start a watch company.

Naming The Company

What is catchy?

What name is attention grabbing?

Should it be long and fancy or short and simple?

Questions De'Vaughn repeatedly asked himself while coming up with a name. He choose the short and simple.

ThirtyThree Watches Is Created

The reasons he decided to go with ThirtyThree is because the number holds a lot of value to him. 33 is the number that was worn throughout his basketball career, 33 is the first two numbers of the address of his grandparents and greatest memories. That is De'Vaughn's way of paying homage to family. Last but not least he has a spiritual connection to the number, so he decided that it was only right to name his company THIRTY THREE.